So last night, MomJuggler asked about how I do WednesdayBook and what it all included so I’m using today as an example book club. Yes, that kind of make you all my guinea pigs but you’re very important and adorable ones. With that said, good morning and let’s get started!!

So I finished up Turtles All The Way Down by John Green and loved it. The incredibly dumbed down blurb is Aza Holmes, a girl who has intrusive thoughts and OCD tries to solve a mystery but it’s a lot more than that. While my mental health problems aren’t as severe as Aza’s, there were so many times where I saw myself in her. I highly recommend it in general but especially those struggle with their mental health to show that they’re not alone and to their loved one to show an idea of what’s it’s like to be stuck inside yourself.

Alright, what about you all? Anything good this week?