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WednesdayBookClub, everyone!! Let's do it!!

Hello and welcome to today's #WednesdayBookClub, fanboys and fangirls! Today's picture is of the Iranian Bibliophile by Kambiz Kashani (I think, I can't confirm it) and this is our weekly day to discuss the books that we've read this past week. I know that my intro's have been a bit lackluster in the past weeks but I'm using my mom's computer and it's hard to get to some days but I'm trying, people! Let's do it.

This past week, I've been working on a story and my cover letter so I've just now gotten back into my books. I've reading The Ghost Brigade by John Scalzi and The Fourth Bear by Jasper Fforde. I've just met the Gingerbread Man and I'm super excited!!


What about you all? What have you read this week?

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