Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Hello all and welcome to WednesdayBookClub, everyone! My name is Geesejuggler and I think I’ve picked back up the ability to type while yawning with my eyes closed.That tired right now, yo. I’m doing this Tuesday night/Wednesday morning (It just past midnight) because I know I’m totally going to forget to do this in the morning since I have to work tomorrow form 10-7 tomorrow and I’m in a new department and I still have to learn everything so yeah, doing it now while habitually yawning and trying to doze off while typing. The things I learned during NaNoWriMo 2017...

Editing for SisterJugglerTheEldest right now (She’s a prolific writer but rarely edits and is just now making the initiative to send her stuff out so I’m helping as I’m her biggest competition, I mean loudest supporter.) and reading my first webcomic. Not sure if that’s allowed (In my made up book club that I’m main admin on) so what say ye. It’s Assassin Roommate and loving it so far.


What about you all? What lovely things have you been reading this week?

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