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WednesdayBookClub, Fort Style!!

*Crawls out of blanket fort* Hello and welcome to this week's WednesdayBookClub. In honor of me and MudderofCanton building a blanket fort in JugglerTopia, today's picture is of an igloo made of...books. It was build in September 2011 by Colombian artist Miler Lagos. I have a weakness for igloos and forts so I had to use this picture. Now, that we've gotten that over with, books!!

This past week, I wanted to focus on a story that I'm working on (I finished the first draft yesterday, in case you missed it) so I didn't read anything this week. However, now that it's finished (kinda), the world of reading has opened again and now I'm planning on reading all day before I get started on editing.


What about you all? Have you read anything good this week? *Crawls back into blanket fort*

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