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Hello, all and welcome to WednesdayBookClub. My name is Geesejuggler and the original plan was to go to the library yesterday but SisterJugglerTheEldest kidnapped me to help her out with some projects so it got delayed until today. I know I’ve said that before lately but dang it, I’m going today! Let’s get started on book club.

So one of the goals I have for myself is to get into comic books this year. I never really had the income/access to them growing up and over the years, I’ve just felt overwhelm and had no idea on where to start. After this encouraging video and hanging out with my honorary big brothers who have a crapton of comic books, I decided to try to read comic books this year. I’m currently reading the Heros For Hire: Daughters of the Dragon and Irredeemable Vol 1. I’m going to pick up Vol 2 and The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. Please feel free to recommend stuff in the comics. Nothing grim-dark, gory or magic! I’m a soft bean....


What about you all? Anything good?

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