Hello and welcome to today's WednesdayBookClub, everyone. Today's is D-Day, A.K.A The day I take the test to get my driver's permit. I'm writing this post on Tuesday so I'm either at work or doing the test as you're reading this so send happy thoughts my way! I'll let you know how it went, good or bad.

Part of why I chose this picture was because of something I'm doing today. When I was 12 I wrote a letter to myself to be opened when I turned 24 and today is that day. I've had this this thing for a good chunk of my life and I'm finding my self getting kinda emotional about it.

I'm not the person I'd thought I'd be but the things I've done, my 12-YO self wouldn't have thought of. And I'm proud of myself for that.

I don't celebrate my birthday (Religious reasons plus I honestly doubt that I would otherwise) but today's special for because of that. A conversation between two immature, mediocre minds, speaking to each other over space and time.


Enough of my melodramatic rant. What about you all? What have you read this week?