*Spins around in chair, overestimates spin and stumbles to a stop* Why, hello there. Welcome to WednesdayBookClub, the book club we have.....On Wednesday. I know what you’re must be thinking. “GJ, you seem so much more relaxed and wittier today. Have you finally given into the mental breakdown you’ve staved off?” Why, no, my fellow bibliophiles. I am relaxed because I have finished my NaNo project 2 days early! But enough about that, let’s get into book club!!

So this week, I’m rereading Ally Carter’s All Fall Down, hr first in the Embassy Row series. The final book comes out soon and like a good nerd, I want to give myself a recap before diving in. I might try out some ebooks because it might be what I need to get back into the game of reading.

What about you all? What have you been reading this week?