Hello and welcome to today's Wednesdybookclub, everyone! My name is geesejuggler and for some reason, I'm having an ADD day and can't focus on anyth- OH SHINY!!! Wait, what was I saying? Focus, Juggler!! Oh, yeah, book club. The picture! Today's picture is of Barter's Books, a converted railway station, this lovely bookstore is in Alnwick, UK. UK io9ers, you are now under obligation to go here! More info on the shop here.

This week, Im reading John Scalzi's The Ghost Brigade and I'm planning on going to the ibrary today as well. I would write more details but due the aforementioned spazziness I have today (What do you mean "Spazziness" isn't a work, google chrome?! I'm adding it to my dictionary now), I'm not.

What about you all? What are you reading this week?