Welcome to WednesdayBookClub, everyone. So last week, my allergies was kicking my butt while still working long and weird hours and between trying to not die and going to work, I forgot to do book club last week. I know it probably wasn’t a big thing to you all but I actually had a minor panic attack Friday (A sign of how exhausted I was) and that was one of the things bothering me. I know I’ve barely been here but this is my thing, ya know? With that said, let’s get to book club.

So this week, I haven’t read anything but I was hanging out with some old friends and they loaned me and MudderofCanton comic books! The most notable being the first 5 of the Irredeemable series and some Iron Fist comic books. Plus, a coworker loaned Mudder some Firefly/Serenity graphic novels so happy Free Comic Day for me!!

What about you all? Anything good? You’ve had 2 weeks to prepare.