Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So bad news first. I fell of the chew Tobacco wagon and and am starting over to day at zero. I am keeping me head up thought and not giving up on quitting. Small setback that was all my fault but now I will no better for next time.

So now to the fun stuff. Seance I was pretty down in the dumps this weekend all the way around I treated myself to Guardians of the Galaxy which was AMAZEBALLS and really what I needed to bounce me out my funk. Was there any Easter eggs I missed that I should have caught.

Also when will get the next Guardians of galaxy? Whats the Marvel line up coming out next do we know?


Also is Peter Quil and Gamora going to start dating now are become an item. I was a little confused by that at the end of the movie. (Also on a strange side note, I think I am starting to get a thing for green women. I am not sure how I am suppose to feel about this?)

Also I stayed for the secound cut scene with Howard the Duck who I just LOVE, but everybody in theater was pissed about the scene and was all like, THAT'S IT! and where mad and disgusted when they left. Did that happen to anyone else?

Have a great Monday everyone!

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