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Weekly check-in from Space (+ adorable dancing tardigrade)

This marks the end of two weeks as the Space subsite Recruit. So, what have I learned since last week?

  1. A photo of 1970s Star Trek actors at NASA is pure geek catnip, while my open love-letter to the Kepler Space Telescope got some love of its own. Jason at Animals and I laughed about how I was sneakily stealing his beat by covering sharks (and bourbon!), then the Iditarod dog race. He countered with stories about adorable endangered tiger-cubs, a baby endangered lemur, and a gorilla born by c-section and given an adorable blue knit hat. All the spaceporn in the world can't compete with that much concentrated cuteness!
  2. No one understands the new Kinja comments system. Even as an all-powerful subsite-editor, I still can't adequately control highlights to reliably pull up this awesome thread on the practice of science in citizen-science projects. Every time I respond to anyone, it buggers everything up again, and even starring every freaking comment in the thread isn't enough to keep them together in a conversation. If you guys figure it out in your experiments, please let me know!
  3. US Uniques are climbing in a terrifying oscillation between peaks and troughs, up to an average of 16k/week. Site-tracking is done on a 30-day rolling average, so half my stats are currently zeros. But, even with that caveat, I've clawed my way up to slot 267 on the most-US-uniques author rankings. Alas, hitting that essential 300k/month means being in the Top 100 (+/- a few), so I've got a ways to go.
  4. Space got it's first spam-comment from a burner account! That totally counts as a victory. Spam only happens where the 'bots think humans are looking, right?

Thank you for all your reading, commenting, recommending, and sharing — I will not survive the recruit trial period without you building the Space audience, and I'm grateful for your support. This week's adorable space-themed thank-you image is a dancing water bear with an umbrella from Giant Microbes:

If you have any tips, suggestions, or questions, ping away!

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