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Weird Al the Comic Book Villain?

Weird Al Yankovic will be voicing "The Dollmaker" in the new animated feature Batman vs Robin which is to be based on The Court of Owls storyline.

The cast also includes Batman veteran Kevin Conroy but not as Batman. In this outing he will be voicing Thomas Wayne. Other cast members include Jeremy Sisto, Jason O'Mara, Stuart Allen, Sean Maher and David McCallum from the Son of Batman animated feature from last year.


So Weird Al is the voice of "The Dollmaker". Is it just me or does DC have an awful lot of villains that deal with toys? Toyman, The Ventriloquist and Baby Doll. Heck! Even Bruce Timm's visual cameo in his show Batman: The Animated Series as The Mad Bomber ended with him screaming:

"My Toys! My Toys! My Beautiful Toys!"

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