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Weird Music Videos Vol. 237

Back when SyFy was still the Sci Fi Channel they aired a pretty extraordinary program called Exposure which showcased very cool, often bizarre, little short films and music videos. I believe this may have been the last gasp of anything on cable resembling the exquisite, eclectic weirdness that was Night Flight. On one particularly inspired evening they broadcast the band VAST's brilliantly disturbing video for the song, Pretty When You Cry:

A Red Riding Hood laced, surrealistic mobius strip cleverly blurring the roles of serial killer and victim, director Philipp Stölzl delivered a uniquely unsettling version of a twisted man's descent into a deeply vindictive hell...or is it a Femme Fatale toying with the pathetic erotic fantasies of a sexually desperate loser?



This brings us to another vision of hell, a commonplace intersection where the most hideous of things seize upon us: the jagged rocks and poisoned waters of adolescence. I believe it was on io9 when I first encountered DyE's unforgettable, NSFW video for their song Fantasy:

It's a nasty little hentai injection, one part Urotsukidōji, one part Lovecraft, and a whole lotta Charles Burns's Black Hole.

So Odeck, what music videos do you have ensnared in your subconscious that you cannot allow yourself to forget but have great trouble revisiting?

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