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Weird Snack Time!

I went to Marukai Japanese Market and bought myself funky snacks.

First up is pollack roe flavored puffs, itself based on another tubular snack, which sounds really really wrong.


It actually stinks a lot, probably because one of the ingredients is cod powder. It actually doesn't taste too bad at first, but the fishy aftertaste is pretty vile.

That's why you wash it down with a bottle of Skal Water, which sounds Nordic, but it isn't. It is, in fact, a milk-based soda, which tastes vaguely... yogurt-y. For some reason, the Japanese pronounce it Suko-ru instead of Suka-ru.

The second set is much more palatable.


Calbee seaweed potato chips are pretty awesome, super savory without the fishy aftertaste, and Ramune... the less said about the infuriating ramune bottle the better. I've never understood why they'd make a bottle design that would actively hinder drinking. The opening is tiny and the glass marvel inside in some sort of an antechamber blocks the already tiny opening. The Maru-Kyo brand Muscat Ramune was a bit disappointing. It's pretty bland and doesn't taste like the typical muscat grape flavor used in various Japanese candies and drinks. Better stick with Shirakiku or Sangria brand Ramune instead.

Only in Japan will you find people eating fish chips and drink dairy soda. (I've seen royal jelly soda too, today) Any weird snacks you folks like?

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