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Welcome to Babelflix!

Are you tired of subscribing to so many streaming services? Did you read about Disney making their own streaming service and “Oh boy, another service I have to pay to watch.” Are you tired of paying for Netflix and Hulu and Amazon Prime and HBO Go and CBS All Access and so many others? Well, we have a solution for you: Babelflix!

Babelflix uses proprietary JLB-technology to create a streaming service that allows you to not only watch all the movies and shows you want to watch — but to watch every movie and show that ever existed or will ever exist!


Do you watch to watch Community? We’ve got that! We’ve also got Troy and Abed Never Grow Up: The Community Movie that has yet or possibly will never be made, as well as every single season of Inspector Spacetime and the special Community/Rick and Morty crossover episode in which Rick turns Greendale into a Mad Max-inspired wasteland!

We have everything! Every combination of frames that make up or could possibly make up a film or TV show! Want to see Lon Chaney’s London After Midnight? We’ve got it! What about Jerry Lewis’s The Day the Clown Cried? We’ve got you covered! Want to see James Incandenza’s final comedy? We’ve got that, too!

Does it not exist? Don’t worry, we still have it! Just enter in what you want to see in our hexagonal-coded search engine and we’ll find it for you!*

*Finding the specific thing you want may take anywhere from .02 nanoseconds to longer than the age of the universe. Babelflix does not guarantee that you will find what you want immediately, but only that it is contained somewhere in our service. Use of Babeflix may result in eyestrain, headaches, insomnia, insanity, obsession, and a realization that life is ultimately meaningless and the universe is a random and chaotic place.


Babelflix: We’ve Got Everything!

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