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Welcome to Nightvale?

I am a late comer to Nightvale and thus it took me awhile to catch up to present day. I have finally done so about a week ago and have been eagerly awaiting this newest show. I now need someone to discuss the newest update.


Wow, Kevin is bringing the scary mean. I would call him Kev, but I think that if I did he would carve into my face and I would turn into Heath Ledger's Joker. At least I would fit in!


One of the things that has really hit me during the Strexcorp storyline is that there are companies out there that genuinely want that. Google jumps to mind, with the way that they try to keep you living there with food perks and stuff like that. I know there are other companies who are trying it.

What do you think that the creepy rumbly sound they made us listen to was? I think it was a sandworm but that may just be because it's a desert area.

However, the real thing I want to know is what you think happened to Cecil and to Carlos.

My theory is that Cecil was able to get away. I am basing this by the tone of Lauren when she was discussing people who were hiding. She seems about as upset as Kevin would be if you called him Kev about it. I can just imagine Cecil hiding someplace with Khoshekh in his arms.


The other option, that he was captured and is being brainwashed is just too sad to think about.

I think Carlos might now be in the same place as Dana. I know Cecil was really worried about him getting stuck beyond the doors during the Parade, and yet, it might just be what saved him and his perfect hair.


I can't believe I'm going to have to wait another fifteen days to get more Nightvale. Or, well, Welcome to the Greater Desert Bluffs Metropolitan Area.

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