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Welcome to Star Trek Disco!

I... OK. You got me there, Discovery. I was determined to call you STD for at least the rest of the season, but you caught me off guard. Star Trek Disco, I like. Spoilers.


And I.... *inhales deeply*. I liked this episode... Not just parts of it like the ones before - most of it. With the exception of a few things (OK. Really? After the holo-communicators Discovery now has a full blown freaking holodeck? You’re not even trying anymore, are you? And why does the food replicator deliver a commercial for every food it creates? I don’t need to know that green tea is full of anti-oxidants EVERY time I get one. Just give me tea! Green. Hot! And you just can’t show us Vulcans anymore without at least some of them being fundamentalist terrorists who think killing is logical. But at least they’re a minority faction, this time and not in charge as in Enterprise.)

Nitpicking aside. “Lethe” was really good. This is what a darker, serialized Star Trek looks like. Most characters are likeable, and those you aren’t (Yeah. Sure. Fuck her and the feed her to the Klingons, Captain) have a point to it. It would have helped for a character ark and downfall of a captain if we had ever met him at a point where he’s not an asshole, but - getting to see his Admiral-with-benefits friend witness his descent and try to do something about it, is the next best thing. Captain Lorcas may wok as a villain, eventually.

The mission of the week was not about shooting or punching someone. It was a mission of the mind. Of exploration - of the self and of space. And yet it does what modern show apparently have to do. It builds a continuity and it confronts characters with darker sides and grim decisions. It even took its time to explain (smartly) why this mission fell to Michael and not Spock. While setting up a nice, believable family dynamics. I wonder if Spock will show up eventually. They even introduced the new Chief of Security and his probably being a Klingon spy - very smoothly. I like him a lot more than his predecessor. His character might actually go somewhere...... THIS is modern Star Trek. No prison rape by Klingons and leaving Harry Mudd to die.

Speaking of which - the next episode has a 30 minute time loop??? Hell. Yes. Star Trek!!! That’s the first preview that makes me want to see the episode.

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