Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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My new PC arrived today. Nothing special—I got a low end gaming machine because it was the simplest way to get a case with lots of expansion potential (nothing more frustrating than running out of bays, AMIRITE???), and I wanted Windows 8 SSD booting, but couldn't be arsed to install it myself. She shall be named Abaddon, as soon as I find a monitor cable. She replaces Zoe, whose name goes back into the pool for future use.


I look at the networked devices around the apartment, and she is in the following company:

  • River (printer)
  • Moya (TV)
  • Lilith (Apple TV)
  • Baby (iPod)
  • Mace (phone)
  • Serenity (tablet)
  • Cassandra (workhorse tablet)
  • Aliera (HP Touchpad)
  • Mary (laptop)
  • Babs (NAS)
  • Lucille (NAS)
  • Missouri (NAS)
  • Blaise (Linux box)
  • Hardison (TiVo)

Please ignore my networking compulsion and tell me—what are your devices called?


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