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Well, damn, I didn't write that long reply not to be read

I used to be out of the grey on Groupthink, but I guess Nu-Kinja tossed that out the window. I replied to someone, and it doesn't show up, and it's not even under pending or anything, I just can't see it at all. I wrote this long thing of an example of why not to take cold medicine when you are in public, cause it makes you not think clearly/act not normal/say stupid stuff. And I didn't write that whole damn thing for nothing, so I'll post it here instead.

My first semester of being a serious full-time college student, I bought a tape recorder, thinking that I would go to class and record lectures and then transcribe whatever I thought I needed later. And, as I was putting the recorder on my desk, the professor for Government class makes this announcement that due to some legal problems it is now against the rules for any student to record any part of a lecture.



But that mostly turned out for the best, as I learned to take notes that just reminded me of what was said in class instead of spending hours transcribing stuff. But there was absolutely no skipping class. I could not as I had imagined, have an agreement with another student to share the job of transcribing. If I borrowed someone else's notes (or someone borrowed mine) the notes would just be little things to remind us of what was said in class, which wouldn't help anyone who skipped that class. Government class tests were eighty-ninety percent questions from lectures, ten-twenty percent from the textbook, and an extra ten extra credit available for reading other stuff.

And so right before mid-terms I got really sick and should have stayed home, but I really needed to hear that Government lecture and probably the English lecture after that. Math could be missed.

So one of my parents drove me to class. And I knew that medication would make me sleepy and such, but I had to do something. So I took something right before walking into Government class, which mostly made me stop coughing and sneezing but I really felt weird.


But, success! I was able to listen to the whole lecture and write readable notes on stuff I knew would be on the test.

And then I got my things and walked to English class and got out my English class stuff. I don't remember anything between the time when I got my books out and when I put my books away.


And then English class was over and I put my English class stuff away and walked out to the parking lot where my mom picked me up and took me home. I took a long nap.

The next week in English class a couple of the other students asked if I was okay. Apparently everyone could see that I was "on something", they just didn't know what. And the teacher knew it as well, and apparently tried several things to get my attention, including singing a bit. I remember nothing of this. For all I know I was abducted by aliens and returned to my desk at the end of class.


Yeah. If you need cold medicine, stay home and take it.

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