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Well Guys, This May Be It (Kinja Rant)

I have previously mentioned my issues with broken/blocked images. Well, now it's everywhere on the O-Deck, all over the front page, in all of the posts, and even all over io9. I can't check out 90% of the posts because they are image-centric. This is what I see:


As a quick recap, this is all due to the McAfee web filter blocking "i.kinja-img.com" - resulting in pretty much every single image that gets posted being blocked here. I've been trying to make due, but it is just no good.

So unless something changes, I'm taking a break from two of my favorite sites for awhile. I can always check from home, but that's not actually something I do or have time to do.

Until the great Kinja beast decides to shake things up again, see you guys! It has been the best.

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