Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So.... I just unintentionally insulted The Brain from "Pinky and the Brain"

I insulted Kif and Morbo from Futurama. (Though you may know him as TV's CALCULON!)

I insulted Egon from "The Real Ghostbusters"

I insulted pretty much half the voices from every show I have loved over the years....

I insinuated in a post over on io9 proper that Maurice LaMarche was doing an "Alec Baldwin Type" imitation in his commercials.

Apparently he read it and decided to (correctly) give me the smackdown.


I am so so sorry.... oof.

Maurice Responds to my apology and tries to convince me not to (jokingly) commit Zoidberg Seppuku

That's very kind, AnonymousCivilPerson, but I think Alec may have a wee bit of an edge on me in the dramatic sphere. Not to mention the whole on-camera thing. But then, HE doesn't have to contend with a heart-shaped birthmark on his cheek, does he?!? *(sob!)*

On the other hand, I think he'd have a harder time playing me than I did playing him. And, while we have the equivalent number of Emmy Awards, he has me beat on Alliance of Women Film Journalists Awards. Also Gemini Awards and SAG Awards. So, who can say? Oh. Them.

But I'm glad you like my work. And all is forgiven. No Seppuku today. Okay?

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