Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So, Playstation just upgraded its network with the PS4 release. I don't have a PS4 ... we're still operating off our PS3. I didn't really think this would affect us much. Except now I can't access Netflix anymore.

Half the reason we got a PS3 was the ability to stream Netflix to our TV. But my husband's the gamer - I'm the tv/movie person. So the PSN account was under my husband's email and credit card while the Netflix account was under my email and credit card. This worked fine under the old system. But with the new update, we can only sign into Netflix if the email account for the PSN and Netflix match up.


I will note that the updated PSN still allows us to sign in to Amazon Prime and stream video under my email address, though the PSN is still under a conflicting email.

Anyway, this is the final straw for me that Amazon Prime is going to win over Netflix. I liked most things about Netflix better - the interface, the greater ability to skip to different points in the video with ease, the ability to get it on my phone, which Amazon Prime did not allow - but the sheer inability to access the program on my television outweighs all those. Goodbye, Netflix. Subscription of eight years, cancelled.

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