Well. it's looking mighty quiet round these parts today (hot DP tears)

Went hunting for tales to read, but I didn't find any. Maybe that's just as well, because I am going to have to become really hip to do any decent follow up to the awesome job Drillpress has done standing in for me. I am sad to see him go, because I need to step up my game if'n I wanna be as cool as he is. Man. These are tough times for the only slightly cool. Dammit, DP. Tell me your secrets of relevant gifs and funny post writing!

There are news! I now live in close proximity to Nikoda, DukeNorik, and Shini. It's all fun and games until Shini says "waffles are in the fridge" when really, they are in the FREEZER. I forgave him, though, because he tells funny jokes, and the waffles weren't that hard to find.

I am gonna assume people are preparing for the customary celebration of American independence and therefore have not posted. Non-Americans I am looking at you. Bring the taaaales!

I have missed you guys. It is nice to be back and I will be posting again in the next couple days about the fourth anniversary of this kickass community!