Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

The great Rick Sternbach, whom we all know from his work with Mike Okuda on the Star Trek franchise, has been expressing his distaste for the technical inaccuracies in Gravity ever since the trailers went online. So, here's his final review...

Rick Sternbach

7 hours ago

Okay, just got back from the 3-D IMAX showing of GRAVITY. I can confirm that in 3-D it really is visually stunning. The CG modeling and action are terrific, the music and sound are great. I think Bullock and Clooney both did a decent job despite some of the character criticisms already covered by other folks. This is a very good space film for a general audience. Of which I am not a member, so I'll also confirm that from a space operations standpoint, this thing is totally and completely insane. If I want to experience a space rescue, I'd much rather go back and reread Martin Caiden's original MAROONED from the Mercury-Gemini era. The updated MAROONED novel in the Apollo-Skylab era is also a good read and a decent film in places. I'll likely not get GRAVITY as a DVD or Blu-Ray, though I probably will seek out the soundtrack, and I'm glad I saw the film this once.


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