Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Well, that.... could have been worse...

Which is the highest praise you'll get from me.

It sure looks pretty. If a little too much like District 9 and every other modern SciFi movie. Nice action scenes, I grant you, but - seen it.


And can you hold the damn cameras still? Please. Damn.

They try. they try so hard to look at it from another angle by letting Murphy be aware of himself from the start. Only to turn down his emotions and have him go through the whole thing we saw in the original.

Oh - if all you have to quote from the original takes place in situations that make it seem like you just don't like it - don't quote it.


And yes, I took note, Murphy wears silver in the end instead of Michale Keaton's preferred black. Too little, too late, after you called it stupid.


Sam Jackson as Bill O' Reilly. Yeah. Cute. It's not satire or clever commentary if your news segments could air like that on Fox News today. That's a little lazy.

No female partner this time, huh? I guess wife and minor villain would have to do. Anyway, villains. Bland, boring, phoning it in. Clarence Bodiker would wipe the floor with all of you.


And what the fuck is with the hand??? Why???


All in all - not made by incompetent people (even though the main actor cannot pull of any expressions apart from "robot", unfortunately). Not the worst of remakes, but very far from being in the "remakes that had a purpose" category. Picked it apart and lovelessly put it together again.


Oh and a last thought - how can future, crime infested Detroit look so much nicer than everything I see from Detroit of 2014?

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