Mild spoilers for Tomorrowoland A World Beyond. (Because I saw it in Europe and apparently somebody else but The Mouse has secured himself the Rights to the term Tomorrowland everywhere but in the USA...)

OK, that was - Disney. And in case you didn’t know it beforehand, the movie starts with a 10 minute Disneyland commercial... (I can only assume putting the entrance to the movie version’s Tommorrowland into the actual It’s a Small World ride is insinuating the next ride they want to turn into a movie?)

It’s sappy. And cheesy. Delightfully retro, too, though - seriously trying to sell us the future-spirit of the 60s and defending it with claws and teeth against our modern day post-apocalypse cynicism.

So this.... comes surprisingly timely... with the villain’s big monologue being all about how we long for the Apocalypse nowadays coming right at the heels of Fury Road.... :) Yeah. The Post Apocalypse sold itself a little better than this... Sorry Governor House Nix.


Seriously - they hired Laurie for no other reason than to play the cynic, didn’t they? Also - Governor Nix? Subtle...)


Did you know that Disney owns Star Wars? In case you didn’t, the comic book/Retro store half filled with SW stuff and half filled with Pixar stuff should let you in. (Hugo Gernsback? Why did they name a bad guy Hugo Gernsback? Anything I missed there?)


OK, so - being SciFi fans, you will have to see it. Eventually. It’s a nice dash of sweetness and optimism - maybe if you feel you need a counterweight to Fury Road? Even though I don’t think anyone is over saturated with that yet. :) It’s cute. It doesn’t hurt anyone. If you got kids, definitely show them - a sense of wonder and the feeling of being able to make a difference won’t hurt - if they watch the news, they may need it. And then there are enough references and spectacle to not bore you, either.

If you haven’t seem Fury Road, though.... Sorry, movie, I’m doing exactly what you blamed on me - I recommend the Apocalypse...