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Welp, finally broke down and tried out Elder Scrolls Online...

...i have no idea what i'm doing but i'm having a whale of time doing it.

Actually, that's not strictly true, it plays pretty straight with the general Elder Scrolls gameplay and its a comforting fit; I think this is why i'm having a bit more fun than when i've tried MMOs in the past.


I'm stumbling around with some of the more MMOish aspects and my inclination towards solo play in kinda punishing me a bit here but overall, its lots, lots better than I had been led to believe.

And boy, its surprisingly pretty. All of these pics are my screenshots and frankly, its like playing Oblivion but with the Skyrim engine. Oh its not quite on a par with Skyrim but its not far off either


and is plays butter smooth and stable. I've got about 10 hours so far and i've had no lag or glitches.

So all in all, i think they're going to get at least 3-4 months worth of sub out of me and i'm fine with that. Hell, i've not even gotten out of the first areas for two different characters yet; I could be paying subs for ages! :p


My boss wants me to work on saturday...

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