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Welsh Comic Con moves to England (and other stories)

Not Wrexham! Vader takes over Rhyl for the night.

There is a bit of a squabble in these parts because Welsh Comic Con is moving over the border to England. They are moving from Wrexham to Telford. The move is dubbed “The Telford Talkeover” but some are calling it a disgrace. Still, if we an have an Eisteddfod in Birkenhead I don’t see why we can’t have a Comic Con in Telford. On the other hand it’s not as if Mellten is winning an Eagle Award (Are they still running?). They wouldn’t have this fuss if it was Patagonia.


Then again, Darth Vader’s home town of Rhyl would probably welcome an influx of costumed crazies. Between Game of Thrones and Watchmen, Penryhn Castle seems like a good venue, though in the absence of Festival No 6 this year, I should probably fly the flag for a Village Comic Con.

Meanwhile, The British Museum (which is just up the road from the art shop that supplied Beatrix Potter and more recently Bryan Talbot with inks) is set to stage a Manga exhibition.

Roy of the Rovers is being shoved aside by his sister Rocky in time for the Women’s World Cup. After original Roy lost his leg, he was replaced first by Roy Jr, then by Delroy of the Rovers. The leg has regrown since then.


And The Guardian muses on the decline of the comic shop while comic movies power ahead has box office blockbusters.


And would you believe, Atlas is back on the rise.


Still waiting for my copy of the Cor! Buster Special.

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