Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

As it is probably hard not to have heard, SONY Pictures was hacked by whom suspected was North Korea (though they deny so and there is some holes in that idea) who then began releasing the information to the public until making there demands proper by forcing them to cancel the film the Interview.


Many questions are now being asked. Will this mean film makers will not be able to make films on hot topic like abortion, gay rights or North Korea because studios will be to worried in case this happens again? Was is wrong for Sony to give into the Hackers demands? Was it right for the film to be made (especially given films like The Dictator and Hot shots Part Deux doing the same thing without the fear of retaliation)?

My question is, did the hackers, whether North Korea or not use the media as the tool to get Sony into the state of mind they needed and did the media let themselves be used as tools for the Hackers (or terrorists if you prefer).

In my opinion, yes, to an extent. Many of the News Outlets pretty much did smear campaigns on many Sony Pictures personal for weeks, posted illegally obtained material and used it to get clicks/viewers. Or were using the information on there films to get hits and embarrass celebrities.

Now before people start putting words in my mouth, yes I think Pascal sounds like a horrid racist woman as well and I'm not saying the news should not have reported on the leaks at all. What I'm saying is that the media should have had more constraint and respect, similar to how the nude leaks were handled from a few months ago. Ultimately, what they we're reporting on was stolen material of people's personal/professional lives and it was wrong for us to do it in the way we did.


The Hackers knew they were powerless if they had nothing to bargained with, so they leaked the information, fully knowing they would have no sense of self control and make Sony suffer for weeks until they striked.

However, me and anyone else who read the leaked material aren't innocent either. It is very easy for me to write this in judgement with the power of hindsight. But I read the material, I contributed to given the sites the hits and made the cycle work . The news outlets would not have continued to report on the material if no one cared which basically makes me a tool of the hackers as well.


I know not everyone agrees with this opinion and feel free to disagree or make your own opinions. We're all friends here.

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