Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

There's a new monarch on the scene and she is going to take it all. House Windsor ("The Sun never sets on Windsor"), and their matriarch Eleesabet, are set to make their claim to the throne of Westeros.

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House Windsor is best known for their infamous Tower, simultaneously known for its torture and collection of treasures. It has been relatively quiet for the last few years, especially since their lands had been greatly reduced since their heyday, but construction has been seen around the tower of late. there has also been increased activity and ship building in their ports.


When asked for comment, Lady Eleesabet said:

"Lannisters? Baratheons? Boltons? Fuck them all. They haven't seen me. Fuck the King!"

The official comment from King's Landing was "[House] Windsor will fall like the fucking Reyne's of Castamere, except they won't even get a godsdamn limerick out of it. All hail King Tommen, First of His Name, etc. etc."

[Via The Citadel]

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