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Westworld Spoilerific Reaction Thread S02E0: The Riddle of the Sphinx

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I didn’t see a thread, and this is one show that almost demands discussion and wildly plausible theorizing. I’m very curious to find out what your perspectives are and wondering what you all are thinking. It kind of reminds me of how gamers will work together decoding secrets and easter eggs in video games to figure out how to unlock a puzzle and receive some sort of award/treasure. (For example, check this out: Destiny 2 Puzzle Leads Players To Actual Treasure In New York.)


I haven’t really been able to keep up with anything or anyone in a timely manner recently due to health issues. Tonight I’m resting up at a hotel room near the hospital for an outpatient procedure, so I’m not really able to keep up or catch up until later, but I look forward to seeing what everybody is thinking, and I’ll comment as I am able to do so.

But, offhand, I want to mention one thing that I absolutely love about the first few episodes of Season Two: the cold opens, and other scenes, that are set outside of Westworld. The setting time-wise for there to be such a park, of course, has to be in the future, but while the first season played coy with that, the second season is doing a great job world-building by slowly introducing a number of fantastic scenes that take place outside of the park. For instance, the cold open for this episode once again shows us quite clearly via the art design and the sophisticated tech, such as the (OLED?) glass/mirror that becomes a video screen, in such a way that it seems to be a normal part of tech in everyday life.


In the cold open scene for this episode, James Delos, the CEO character is being given what appears to be a “replicant” type Voight-Kampff test administered by the young William*. What I’m hoping for is that (considering we have two time periods introduced to us during the first season) James Delos would have been a young man in the present, in 2018. That would mean that this time period takes place one or two generations from now. The later scenes with the MIB then would be taking place during yet another one or two generations later. So it could be a century or more, give or take a few decades, removed from 2018 during which the main bulk of the action in this series is occurring. In fact I think it could be much, much further into the future than that. I’ll follow those thoughts up another time as I can.**

*More on that later

** More on that later, but also refer to the previously asterisked sentence.

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