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We've Seen Daredevil's Costume, and It Looks Familiar (But Not How You Think)

Newsarama has a full report on Marvel's Daredevil panel from New York Comic Con today...

For a visually-minded person like myself (and a firm proponent of brightly-colored comicbook-style superhero costumes), the most important piece of news to be gleaned from that is this picture of a Daredevil costume:


I say "a" Daredevil costume, because I'm really desperately hoping this is just a preliminary, prototypical suit that he wears while making an early effort at heroics, before eventually adopting something more classic (and red). If this is the suit he's gonna stick with for the duration, my personal interest in this series will plummet, and indeed, my faith in Marvel Studios to capture the spirit and essence of the comics will unfortunately decrease with it.

So while we're waiting to find out whether this thing is the permanent look for our man without fear, let me pay off the headline and remind you of where we've seen Daredevil wearing something like this before:

...That's not exactly a comparison that engenders a lot of confidence in this show. I really hope (and mostly trust) there's more we've yet to see here.

Edit: so, it turns out I'm not as clever or original as I thought I was. When I saw this news on another site, I used Kinja's search feature with the simple keyword of "Daredevil," figuring that would certainly turn up any article about the Daredevil panel at Comic-Con (it didn't), but completely overlooked the simple step of checking io9's front page, where there was indeed this article covering the panel, with the picture I posted at the top included, and various people in the comments pointing out the similarity to Daredevil's costume in The Trial of the Incredible Hulk. Great minds think alike, I guess? I really thought I had come up with something original, but it looks like I was wrong. Oh well.


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