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In an effort to consolidate posts, I bring you two issues/questions in one big squishy hug of nonsense!

First off, Warehouse 13. Last night's episode is what I'll miss about the show. What was awful and obvious about last week's episode was hilarious and charming about last night's. Aaron Ashmore get's a gold star for letting the ennui go and just having some fun. Honestly, his gay Jinks was over the top and perfect! My only gripe was that the dividing artifact, Edna St. Vincent Millay's candle, is already in the warehouse. Sorry guys, it was mentioned in one of the first episodes. Artie states something like, "God help us if that thing is ever lit." BUT, I can live with it if I just pretend McPhearson took it or something like that. Only two episodes left and, well, I'm not going to hold my breath. I'll still miss it though.


Secondly, I saw he trailer for the new XMen movie and I have a question: Who is the flaming guy in the glory shot line up? The only XMan/Lady I know that ignited was Sunfire and to another degree, Magma. Am I missing someone? Or is this person on the other side? It's a wee bit confusing.

Kittens anyone?

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