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Whaaasysysytts aaore yooou dranken toon night... (hic) open thread (and, like, what's a closed thread if you really think about it man, like really think about it)

(Sorry, Dr. Lizardo; I’m not as good at writing these ledes as you!)

We all share an existential hangover from April Fool’s Day, and it’s Saturday night.


So what are you drinking? And, possibly, why?

Otherwise, this is an open thread. We’re all friends here with rational and open minds, and we’d all love to hear about what we all are thinking and have going on. Isn’t that right, baby?

I’m having:


I’m just getting everything ready for the big move and trying to relax tonight, something that can be difficult to do.

Food for thought:

  • Which version of Lucifer currently on television (Lucifer, Supernatural, Damien) do you like better?
  • The typical superhero/scifi question involves choosing between invisibility and flight. I want to reframe the question given Superman’s original power set. If you could choose only one of the following three, which would it be: faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, or able to leap buildings in a single bound?

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