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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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What a Film! What a Lovely Film! Mad Max Fury Road Discussion Post

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Mad Max Fury Road is out and delivered everything it promised and more! Usually loooong gaps between new installments in a franchise isn’t a good sign but Fury Road is possibly the best film of the Summer! Okay there is a lot of summer left but still. So lets discuss! Spoilers below!


My thoughts:

  • Such a Feminist film! I mean beyond the basics of female protagonist, arguably more then Max, and being about women escaping sexual slavery, the film gave us a variety of women who all had their own personality and presence in the film.
  • I want a sequel/prequel following Furiosa and her new civilization as well as flashbacks showing how she lost her arm and became what seemed to be second in command in a very misogynistic society.
  • How did she escape a fate of being a Wife? My fan theory is she is a trans woman but that is my fan theory for everything and doesn’t necessarily work.
  • The Vuvalini were great! I didn’t expect them at all! Also according to TV tropes the younger one, Valkyrie’s, actress was going to be Wonder Woman in George Miller’s Justice League back when that was a thing. I could dig it.
  • Nux! I didn’t expect to love him so much! He might be my favorite character after Furiosa. I figured he would die but I didn’t expect to be sad about it.

What are your thoughts?

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