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What are the last three comic books you read?

I had the idea to turn 99telepod's last three shazam post into a semi regular series of posts, and I'm starting it off with comics.

The last comics I've read are Avengers #40, The Amazing Spider-Man #12, and Spider-Verse #2. I'm not going to go into spoilers but merely highlight what I thought of these issues.


Avengers #40: Its rare that a comic can make it to issue 40, with all the relaunches going on in the industry these days, especially at Marve. Well Hickman's Avengers did and it is yet another fantastic issue in his Avengers/New Avengers series that has consistently delivered and has been paying off plotlines that were put into motion when he started them a few years ago. If I had to pick a favorite Marvel comic book series out right now this would be it. A brief catch up: The Avengers was relaunched with Steve and Tony rebuilding the Avengers into a machine type set up recruiting almost all the heroes of the world to be an Avenger when called. The New Avengers began taking a look at reformation of the Illuminati when T'Challa (the Black Panther) discovered that Multiverse was collapsing and Earth was the focal point. These focal points are called Incursions where two universes collide and die with Earth being the point of impact. The only way to save both universes is to destroy one Earth before the impact. Recently this book has jumped a couple months into the 616 universe's timeline where things are dark, complicated, and never what they seem. This set up eventually put the Illuminati in direct conflict with Steve Roger's Avengers, gave rise to a new Cabal, and also gave rise to yet another Avengers team led by mutants.

This issue in particular takes a look at T'challa and his struggles since the events of AVX and pays off so much development between him and the rest of the heroes of the MU. Not only that it actually managed to make me hate Steve Rogers. And of course things are moving along very well onto the big event a lot of people are excited about: The Secret Wars.


The Amazing Spider-Man 12: Spider-Verse continues and it so much fun! Of course the only downside is that a lot of multiversal Spider-Men are being eaten by Morlun and his family. But the it is great to see so many different Spider-Men we know and some we don't come together and interact with each other. This issue even mad use of the Spider-Man from the Japanese live action tv show and his MECHA! While we still don't know the significance of the 616 Peter Parker, Silk, Scarlet Spider, or Mayday Parker's little brother, it looks like we might be getting answers in the next issue as a big player here reveals things to Spider-Woman. Overall, this is a fantastic event for Spider-man that highlights the things I love about Slott's writing.


Spider-Verse #2: An anthology issue about all the various Spider-men involved with Spider-verse. A highly entertaining issue that makes some very well liked Spider-men canon in the 616 universe.

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