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Crowdfund my Steampunk short film, "Eleanor Xandler, Temporal Detective"

I would love to be able to promote my crowdfunding campaign here, but I don't want to overstep the mark and come across as spam. But I'll give it a red hot go.

I am finishing up my first short film, a Steampunk movie called 'Eleanor Xandler, Temporal Detective' where, as well as writing and directing, I am creating all the visual effects and backgrounds. I am seeking funding via Indiegogo to support me as I get to the finish.


It's a thrilling adventure, with a dashing heroine, a wild-haired Professor, a despicable villain, an airship, a steam-powered robot, electric weapons, and even a swirly vortex thing. It's meant as a prologue to a longer story, so it's brief and introductory, but as I filmed it entirely on a greenscreen it's taking a lot of work (by only me) to get it complete.

When Professor Brantham Gambit developed a ground breaking new theory on the nature of the Universe which required expensive experimentation, Lady Eleanor Xandler, adventurer and diplomat, became fascinated by the Professor's work.

But too many tests failed, and Eleanor's concerns grew. She begged him to be more cautious, but the Professor ignored her.

Worried, the King sent his Captain of the Guard to shut down the project. Eleanor raced ahead in the hope of arriving before it was too late...


Indiegogo Campaign

Eleanor Xandler Website

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Please help me out if you can!

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