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Summer used to be a TV series wasteland. Not anymore, though! Between NetFlix, cable stations, and even network TV, series are premiering new seasons in June and July! As such, what currently-running series seasons are you watching? Going for, let’s say, a Top 3 list.

For me, it’s been 3 shows, two of which have surprised me in how well made they are:

1) Killjoys: SyFy getting back to Sci-Fi programming? YES! And this show has some ‘meat’ to it in terms of characters, plot, writing, FX, you name it. Plus, Aaron Ashmore has a much better role here than he did Warehouse 13 (I love W13, but his character always seemed kind of ill-conceived)


2) The Last Ship: Hell, Adam Baldwin being on it made me want to give it a try regardless, and now season 2 has really ramped up the plot! Virus wipes out about 80+% of humantiy, and this lone naval ship is running around trying to develop the cure before the population tipping point is reached.

3) The Strain: I’m reading the books, and the TV show does fall a bit short in regards to translating the content of the novels (and it keeps changing stuff and adding characters... (*coughcoughDUTCHcough*) but there’s enough decent stuff to keep me interested, especially the characters of Vasily Fet and Abraham Setrakian (Kevin Durand and David Bradley are great)


BONUS: The 7 day lead-up marketing on The Strain’s Facebook page was excellent. Simple, clever, and really got the point across. Here’s my other O-Deck post that chronicled the 7 day countdown:


How about you? What’s your go-to summer (for those in the summer weather season right now) TV genre viewing?

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