Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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What are you working on?

Me, I have two goals. GET A FUCKING JOB (seriously—if you have any Business Systems Analysis or Tech PM leads in the LA area, please hook a sister up—I'm desperate), and illustrating two stories for the Dean/Castiel Bang,

The way this Bang works, you can do a "mini" or a "big". If you're writing a mini bang, your minimum is 10,000 words, and for your effort you get at least 1 500x500 px illustration from an artist who was grabbed by your summary. If you go big, your minimum is 20,000 words, and you're entitled to twice as many pieces of art.


So far, the minibang has a title card (the 500x500 requirement done), two different house text separators, and two illustrated scenes.

The big bang has a title card, a section separator, and two illustrated scenes. I can catch up for her because he don't post until November, but I have bang anxiety issues. I don't want to be that artist that no on liked working with because she was recalcitrant or didn't deliver or didn't read the text properly (in fact, I just redrew a scene because I missed entirely what they were wearing during it....).


Reputation is a weird thing in fandom, and as far as I know mine is "Draws D/C, doesn't harass the show-runners calling fanservice queerbaiting." It would be nice to ameliorate with "easy to work with."

What Are YOU doing? </capital one voice>

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