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What are you working on? - Open Thread

I may be rushing the Halloween season, but I’m quite pleased with how well my spring-loaded classic 70's Auton hand (with attached Auton) is coming along. It should be ready in plenty of time to scare trick-or-treaters. I’ve got the internal spring mechanism for the hand all worked out. Unfortunately, until I get the entire thing painted and assembled, I won’t know exactly how well the spring that pushes the gun muzzle out and the earth magnet that holds the entire assembly closed are going to play together.


Because the gun muzzle is hollow, there’s also a chance I could hook the entire assembly up to a remote control air cannon, but I’m a bit worried a malfunction could damage the arm or just break loose inside it where I’d never be able to repair it, so I’ll have to give that one a good think before I decide whether or not to double down on the scariness.

So O’deckers... what have you been working on, or what are you planning on working on for the forthcoming holiday season?

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