Over the weekend, I managed to catch up with Teen Titans. Spoilers: IT SUCKS! So instead of wallowing in depression or punching holes in walls in anger over the bastardization of my favorite super hero team ever, why don't we talk about books that we actually like.

Discalimer: These are not going to be the best books. These are going to be my favorites. A few of them I'm sure you guys will think "Why do you like that crap"?

Robin (1993-2009)

My first and FAVORITE comic book series. Robin got me into reading comic books regularly. What is kind of weird is that a major reason I did like the book so much was because there was a good LACK of Batman. Most of the run had Robin alone or teaming up with his own group of allies like Spoiler. It had Tim growing and learning with almost every issue, fighting his own villains and telling HIS story. Not "Batman's Sidekick's" story. And even though it could get cheesy and a little after-school-specialy, it almost never fails to put a smile on my face when I read it.

The Teen Titans (ALL (except 2011))

Yeah, pretty much every Teen Titans series is my favorite. Like I said, they're my favorite superhero team ever. Even the kind of bad ones like the 2003 series I enjoy a ton. I love the dynamic of the team. I love how almost every incarnation of the team is aren't just a group of friends. They're family. If I had to pick a favorite run above all the rest, I would have to pick the 1999 series "The Titans". At least until those freaking kids showed up. But until then it is just pure awesome. And it has what is perhaps Nightwing's most badass moment ever. He jumps off a floating island (because of course they're on a floating island), ropes a nuke, and attempts to disarm it in midair.


It kills me to see the Teen Titans go from something awesome like that to the crappy, almost Jersey Shore-like teen drama that is the New 52 series. It seriously does.

Deadpool (Everything Post-Liefeld)

It kills me to have to acknowledge the fact that without Rob Liefeld (all around scum of the earth, everything wrong with the comic book industry personified, and person I most want to give a good few dozen kicks in the balls) we wouldn't have who is perhaps my favorite comic book character ever. Of course Liefeld "wrote" him as a boring, bland, un-funny, and ultimately forgettable mercenary and it's only thanks to people who worked on him after him that we have the Deadpool we all know and love today.


Deadpool as he is today is everything great about comics. His stories are fun, imaginative, exciting, and hilarious as all hell, but always holds the sadness of the character in almost every panel. Yes, Deadpool is a sad character. One of my favorite stories was actually a fairly recent one where Deadpool (after pretty much losing every "friend" he ever had) decided to go out and try to find a way to permanently die. Not an easy thing to do with a healing factor that makes Wolverine's look like a band-aid. He tries to do this in some pretty awesome and hilarious ways, like going up to the Hulk and trying to get the Hulk so angry that he would basically just keep ripping him apart until he died, only for Hulk to resist practically every attempt to make him uncontrollably angry.

With the whole Marvel Now thing I really feared Deadpool would end up getting the short end of the stick along with Spider-Man (Yeah, that Superior bull needs to end. NOW. ) But after reading the first story arc where Deadpool goes toe to toe against evil, zombified US Presidents (yes, it was just as awesome as it sounds), my fears have been laid to rest and I look forward to the new issue every month.


Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E

Take a group of funny and insane b-list Marvel superheroes and throw them into batshit crazy battle after batshit crazy battle ultimately culminating in a final batshit crazy battle against an intelligent, champagne sipping T-Rex dressed like Hugh Hefner, and you basically have Nextwave. It's an enjoyable little series, sadly only 12 issues long. It understands something that most people (ESPECIALLY DC) have forgotten. Comics are supposed to be fun. And this one is just oodles of fun. The writing is excellent, all the characters are fun, and it always has me laughing on every page.


Batgirl (2009-2011)

Yeah, kind of a weird one, right? First, no offense to the Barbara Gordon and Cassandra Cain fans, but Stephanie Brown is my favorite Batgirl. Hell, I've always really liked her character, even back when she was Spoiler in Robin. This series, short and recent it may be, had a lot going for it that appealed to me. A) It stared Stephanie Brown, one of my favorite characters from Robin and someone I felt was perfect to take up the mantel of Batgirl. B) They let her have her own story, only briefly crossing between the new Batman and Robin series with Dick and Damien and Red Robin with Tim. C) having Barbara train her. Barbara may not be my favorite Batgirl, but she was freaking awesome as Oracle and it was great to see her regularly and have her practically be a second main character. D) Her relationship with Damien. Every panel and every issue they were in together were just great. I loved their sibling-like relationship.


And then all of that was ruined when New 52 came along and wiped her from existence.

Wow, my pulse just skyrocketed at the mere thought of it.

So yeah, those are my favorite comic series. Like I said they may not be the best books ever, but I would certainly rather read them then anything from that piece of cow crap universe they call New 52. Fuck you DC, I'm going to read some better comics.