From classics like Silent Hill and Resident Evil to modern stuff like Amnesia and Outlast, I love horror games. There's something about being involved, even in just that small way, that makes the experience so much scarier then just watching a movie.

Silent Hill 2

My absolute favorite horror game ever. I have played this game through dozens of times, and never once have I been bored on a replay. I love how the older I've gotten the more things I find and understand. Some symbolism I missed or a statement that had more meaning then I thought it did when I last heard it. And for a game that's 12 years old, the fact that it can still legitimately creep me out and scare me speaks volumes.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

This game both scares the crap out of me and makes me sick to my stomach. The story is so disturbing and disgusting but it draws you in and you find yourself NEEDING to know what drove the main character, Daniel, to erase his own memory. You are constantly on edge, peeking around corners, straining your ears, looking and listening for any sign of the monstrosities who are constantly hunting you as you solve the puzzle of who you are and what you've done. It's horror at both its best and worst.


Resident Evil 4

This game was the start of Resident Evil going more towards the Action Horror genre then Survival Horror. And many fans HATE it for it. Then again other fans I know say that everything after the original Resident Evil were too action-y, so yeah. Resident Evil Fans are horribly whiny (as are Pokemon fans and Silent Hill fans and Final Fantasy fans and etc, etc, etc). But I freaking love this game. Starting a new game (on the highest difficulty) you are constantly hunting for ammo and healing herbs, using every advantage you have to save every bullet you can. And after the exhilaration of the first playthrou, you have New Game+, allowing you to start over with all of your upgraded weapons and items and even gaining access to the awesome infinite Rocket Launcher and Tommy Gun, letting you laugh maniacally as you mow down those enemies who gave you so much trouble before.


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