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Recently, entomologist Piotr Naskrecki received death threats after posting on his blog
for collecting one specimen which is placed in a museum.

Obviously, this is a terrible thing to happen to anyone (seriously death threats really?). No one should have to be subjugated to that. I highly recommend you read the revised post because it is very interesting.


However, looking through the comment sections of articles that covered the original and revised post (not io9), I noticed a lot of vegetarians and vegans participating in the hate and threats. Some of the newer ones based on what he said in the revised post:

"That tofu that you eat because meat is murder – it probably comes from Brazil, where massive soy plantations stretching from one horizon to another have replaced its once thriving rainforest and led to the disappearance of thousands of species."

Now I'm a vegetarian, I have been one for over 11 years. I also care about animal rights, all my pets are ones who have been abandoned and I donate to the RSPCA, the cat protection league and many other animal charities. However, I agree with Naskrecki & I am not naive enough to think that animal preservation and protection can be done without the need to study specimens. I feel that It should be done humanely which Naskrecki and most scientists and researchers do.

Obviously, not every vegetarian agrees with that view, I've met people that would fit into the stereotype. I've also many if not most other vegans and vegetarians I know and have met understand that collecting specimens are necessary, many are science savvy themselves. Also, there are many vegetarians who are so because of many other reasons such as religious beliefs or medical issues.


What I'm wondering is what you feel on vegetarians and scientific research, specially from other vegetarians. Of course, comments aren't the best indicator of understanding the viewpoints of people. But I'm concerned about the amount of vegetarians that reacted badly to the idea of collecting one sample that can help understand arachnids that might also help preserve endangered species. Even worse that some went to death threats.

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