They're making a Gran Turismo movie. I have no idea why. Apparently it is "based on GT Academy" but that's still a horrible idea IMO. Numerous times I've then suggested that there are movies begging to be made with amazing characters that already exist. What are your top 3 choices for a movie?

1) Halo- I think this answer is maybe too obvious, but the game sells consoles. The more Halo games they make the more Halo games people buy. I would think they could make some awesome movies using the Halo universe.

2) Assassins Creed- I think this would be a better TV series than it would be a feature length film. There's just way too much going on to try and tell a singular story in a feature length film.

3) Splinter Cell- Honestly the books are a lot better than the games. Considering the current buzz about the NSA I would think a Splinter Cell movie would generate a lot of interest right now. (I heard a rumor this was going to be a TV series on NBC. Can anyone confirm this?)