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No one has done a post about the whole series though some have discussed individual episodes. (In deference to the show’s British origin I’ll use the term series instead of the American term season.) Here’s your chance to tell what you thought.


Overall I enjoyed the the six episodes since the show appeals to my misanthropic side. I had no issue with the “Americanization” of the show (the things the show explores aren’t uniquely British).

Here are my short thoughts on each episode:

  • I thought “Nosedive” was the funniest of the episode.
  • I have to admit I chuckled at the end of “Playtest” as well when it turned out his mother’s phone call killed him. I wouldn’t have made it through certain parts of my life without a well developed sense of gallows humor.
  • I wasn’t expecting the final twist at the end of “Shut Up and Dance.” Finding out what kind of dirty pictures he had been looking at changes the context a bit.
  • “San Junipero” got to me because I’m old enough to remember 1987 (it was the year I joined the Army). I also realized that I might be the age of the two main characters in whatever year in the future this takes place and I’ve been thinking about death a little too much recently anyway. By the way, even the show’s creator and writer of the episode says Kelly and Yorkie “have the happiest ending imaginable.” So some of you may be trying too hard to read something into that episode that isn’t there.
  • When the implant started glitching on “Men Against Fire” I immediately thought of that episode from The Outer Limits “Hearts and Minds.” “Men Against Fire” went enough in a different direction that I’m okay with it though.
  • As a mystery buff I liked the format of “Hated in the Nation.” The big downside is that we won’t get a BBC mystery series with DCI Karin Parke and DC Blue Perrine. It may seem cold but I’m okay with the hashtag users suffering the consequences they did.

That’s what I thought. How about you?

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