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Have you ever watched/read/played something, only to notice the disturbing or unintentional consequences of the plot and character decisions? Then realize you are the only one that has noticed?

We've probably heard of the best known ones like Lucius tried to murder Harry Potter in the second film and no one cared, The damage in Man of Steel would bankrupt the USA, The real murderer is on the loose in Shawshank, the Ewoks ate the Stormtroopers in ROTJ and Top Gun started WW3.


However, there are those that for some reason people either don't notice or seem to forget. All except you that is.

But now it's your time to shine light on them. Which disturbing/unintentional consequences in fiction do people never talk about?

I'll go first...


Justice League: The Green Lanterns & the Justice League Commit Genocide On A Slave Race

In the two parter, 'In Blackest Night' Green Lantern is arrested and put on trial for mass genocide. It's later revealed that it was a trick committed by the Manhunters so they could invade the planet Oa, home of the Guardians of the Universe.


Now what deviant plot do the Manhunters have in mind, World domination? Wipe out all life? Turn everyone into robots?

No, turns out the Manhunters were created by the Guardians to be peacekeepers. But when they considered them flawed, they reprogrammed them (hello Brave New World) to do the undesirable jobs they didn't want their new Green Lantern Corp to do. Slaves basically.


Both the Guardians and the Lanterns didn't care about their rights and of course, eventually the Manhunters would rise up against their slavers in the two parter. Only to be wiped out by their oppressors & the Justice League, who see no problem killing slaves (and we as the audience are supposed to be happy they died).

Now make no mistake, what the Manhunters did in the episodes were bad, but they didn't deserve to be wiped out. what's worse is that Green Lantern was just acquitted from committing genocide, only to actually commit genocide and enjoy it!



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