What Do Artists Do All Day?

For the past few years the BBC has been periodically producing a series of short documentaries under the title of What Do Artists Do All Day? Bare boned affairs that largely allow the artists followed to speak for themselves about their work and their practice. Many of the episodes are available on YouTube (not under an official BBC posting I should note, but the Beeb tends to be rather lax about the reproduction of work which it is not making available for purchase anyway, which is the case here).

This is the episode following comics artist Frank Quitely:

And this taxidermy artist Polly Morgan:

Also featured over the years have been artists John Byrne, Cornelia Parker, Jack Vettriano, Marvin Gaye Chetwynd (né Spatacus Chetwynd, né Alalia Chetwynd), and Antony Gormley amongst others.

Worth looking into for anyone curious about the work of the artists featured, but also the working lives of professional artists in general across many disciplines.