Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

... i mean, I know he's written a fair bit of his own personal opinion on politics, sex and kitchen sink into previous books and its never bothered me before in anyway. Disagreed with some, ignored the rest. Some of the scenes i've read that are making me twitch have the similiar feel of previous 'statements'... they're centred around main characters, not bad guy 'ringers' brought in for the point to be made... they feel like his 'voice'.

i'm obviously gonna go do some research. I know he's held some 'traditional' viewpoints that, whilst not particular modern, were far from anything i disagreed with or found even vaguely disturbing. But a couple of recent scenes... not approaching loathsome or anything but definitely leaving me with a sour taste.

I'm totally being cagey about this because I don't want this to be about the scenes so much as giving up something over what, principle? opinion? bad writing?... its just, i've been reading this guy for years and i've been thinking hard over the previous stuff, trying to see if there was any earlier evidence of this kind of thinking...


Its just 2 or 3 scenes.... its possible i'm blowing it out of proportion and i really, really dont wanna give up read this guy's stuff but crap, guys...crap.

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