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What do you do with old Halloween Costumes?

Anyone want to guess what this is?

I have too many costumes in general. And yet, I don't seem to have many that would get used over and over again. When I was doing stuff for conventions, at least I thought that I would wear them to more conventions. And there are some costumes that are just nice to have around, just in case. Ren fair stuff, pirate stuff, Star Trek stuff, etc.... And in my group it's also good to have Jedi, Hogwarts, and Lord of the Rings stuff. Except for Hogwarts and having enough pirate stuff to get free donuts a while back, I hardly have any of that stuff.


But somehow, we have gotten very competitive with the Halloween costumes, and most of it we only wear once.

Like, I don't think that I can ever wear this again.

Literally, I am not sure that it can been worn again. Besides just being uncomfortable and all that, I think that all of the paint has made most of it very stiff. But I just spent so much time and effort (and it the stuff to make it wasn't free either), I just can't see tossing it out.

Before I really got into costumes, I had something like this


I couldn't find the exact picture, but it looked like Elvira (without the wig) only they didn't want to pay to use her name so they called it something else. Anyway, it looked good, and the way it was designed it would fit almost anyone as long as you could get your arms into it. (Not that it would always look good on everyone all the time, but at least I didn't have to worry about getting a new costume because I'd gained or lost a few pounds from last year.) And I wore it every Halloween for about five years. I had a costume I liked, and it was Halloween, and why would I ever need another costume for Halloween. Other costumes for other things, sure, but I didn't see the point in getting a new Halloween costume every year. Maybe get two or three you like, just in case, but not a new one every year.

But then, I washed the thing (after wearing something five times, you should probably wash it, right?). And I forgot, and I put it in the dryer, and the arm parts shrank. And that was that.


And then I became one of those people who needed a new costume and become really competitive like every one else in my group. So I most have like ten costumes, and a bunch of stuff that might someday be part of a costume. I have like twenty gallon totes full of stuff, and I think I must have like six of them.

I can't even find all of my stuff.

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