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What do you refuse to re-watch?

You saw a movie or a TV show (or read a book) many moons ago, perhaps as a young'un. You loved it. By you've avoided rewatching or rereading it because you want to keep the perfect memories alive. What was it?

For me, it's the Lone Gunmen. I remember it was in because the X Files was taking a break, and Fox needed something to fill that large XFiles shaped hole in its heart. I remember having an excellent time, with Jimmy Bond and the (probably forced) romantic tension between Eve and the bearded Lone Gunman (I do not recall any of their names). I even remember the episode where they did a flashback to the kid versions of the LG and Bearded One was always wearing a suit and Long Haired One was playing with early computers in the barn.


I refuse to rewatch the series, because it most likely isn't as good as I remember it. I want to keep this perfect memory.

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